It sure is a lot harder getting out of bed on these dark, cold winter mornings!  Which is exactly why creating a healthy morning ritual is so important!  Don’t get me wrong…..there are mornings, especially during my week day, that I am dragging myself out from the warmth and comfort of my duvet!

But once my feet hit the floor, I know I’ll be on my way to a better day!  Taking an extra hour for me, while the house is still quiet really does feel rejuvenating!

Early mornings are when I prefer to focus on my personal Yoga practice. I love practicing Yoga before I start my work day! Stretching out my back, legs, arms, and, loosening up my hips, helps start my day off refreshed and energized!  Focusing on releasing stress and controlling my breathing prepares me to take on the days challenges!

If you are able to find a morning Yoga class that fits your schedule you will not be disappointed! If you are new to Yoga and prefer to practice at home, but don’t know where to start, take a look on-line. There are many amazing, gentle Yoga videos to follow along to.

So roll out your mat, dim the lights, add a relaxing playlist, and start your day off right!


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