Moon Salutations: Chandra Namaskara

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Beth Bolton

Hello, lovelies!

I have been going to an evening candlelight yoga class pretty consistently every Tuesday. I look forward to it throughout my busy days, and it is a nice way to buffer the beginning and end of the week. It sets my intentions for my week and allows me to feel refreshed. Last night was no exception.

Our teacher led us through our typical warm ups of sun salutations, then we practiced our inversions. Nothing too out of the ordinary there, but then we went through two rounds of moon salutations.

I knew moon salutations, or chandra namaskara, were a thing, but I’ve never practiced them before. And I’m hooked. We moved through each pose slowly, taking our time to really breath in to the position and focus on our alignment. There were a few spots that I was confused and unsure if I was doing it…

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